Water Jet Cutting


No Tooling Needed!

Our water jet allows us to cut tooling costs on short prototype orders.

In A World Of Deadlines

Our designed processes and water jet allows us to process your parts in half the time of our competitors!

“Talsco is very diligent and is always willing to improve their delivery date and commitments when asked.” ~ Omar Fontanet~ Analyst Buyer.  Honeywell International

Special Request, Our Pleasure

Our water jet stations allow us to manufacture your prototype on demand.

We Will Meet Your Target Price!

“When quoting a new part Talsco always study’s possible improvement on delivery date and cost.” ~Omar Fontanet ~Analyst Buyer. Honeywell International

Why Do We Add Value To Your Product?

From manufacturing, assembly, to special processing, no need for multisite quotes. We make it seamless for you!

How thick of a material can waterjet cut?

.005 inches to more than 8 inches thick

What are the benefits to cutting my product with waterjet?

The wide range of materials and thicknesses it can cut, smooth edges, absence of a heat affected zone, and elimination of the need for expensive set up procedures make waterjet cutting an ideal option for all cutting needs. Waterjet technology is environmentally friendly.

Which materials can be cut with a waterjet machine?

Metals, ceramics, composites, plastic, glass, marble and granite can all be cut by with Talsco’s waterjets.



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