Quality Assurance

When Better Is A Necessity!

“Talsco’s Customer service is outstanding, quick to respond and always very helpful! And how many customers can boast 100% and 100% delivery, not many.”
~Parker Hannifin Jean Zier Subcontractor specialist.

Customer Access

Electronic based software/data base to make it easy for our customers to access quality documentation over the web.

Why Talsco Quality Is Preferred

“Talsco is very responsive to requests and performs the requested services in a timely manner.  As said above, very few quality issues but when they happen they are handled professionally, quickly and effectively.  Thank you for being one of our top vendors.  It is a pleasure working with Talsco.”
– Meggitt Kimberly S. Dean Planner

Efficiency For Your Pricing!

Talsco Lean culture embraces Customer Inventory Management Systems, 5S, Poke Yoke, Kazian Events and Continuous improvement. This has enabled us to cut cost dramatically and become a “Growth Supplier” with top OEM’s.
“Talsco is an excellent company that embraces continuous improvement and meeting customer expectations. Delivery numbers are excellent.”

When Dependability Is Essential

In a world of deadlines and Quality is essential you can count on us!



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